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Alpha Global Industries signs agreement with Empire Aviation Group as Middle East launch customer for Vigiplane security system

Dubai-based Alpha Global Industries (AGI) has signed an agreement with Empire Aviation Group (EAG) for the purchase of two Vigiplane systems, a new aircraft security system – quick and easy to install – providing round the clock camera surveillance of aircraft on the ground, which can be monitored in realtime anywhere in the world through advanced tracking, GPS and satellite communications. EAG – a Dubai-based general aviation company and operator of one of the region`s largest managed fleets of business jets – will become the first customer in the Middle East. AGI is the authorized, exclusive regional distributor for Vigiplane systems in the Middle East and Africa. Vigiplane is an on-ground security system for the business jet and heavy business jet. The unit comprises five day and night cameras in a special composite sealed container which provides high quality pictures and infrared projectors. The unit attaches to a special chock. The system is unique because it is completely independent from the aircraft`s own systems; No aircraft certification is required – a long and expensive procedure specific to each type of aircraft; No installation on the aircraft is required – with its high direct and indirect costs of immobilizing the aircraft. All user interfacing and inter-operability of the systems are made on a secure server accessible via Internet, providing easy global access for security monitors and owners. Up to three units may be required, depending on the aircraft type. Mr Paras Dhamecha, Executive Director of Empire Aviation Group, commented, “The Vigiplane system is a completely new concept in aircraft ground security and, as a leading jet operator, we are always looking to bring innovations to the region and to enhance the safety and security of aircraft assets for our owners. The system is adaptable to any of our aircraft, which is important as we manage a mixed fleet of over 20 business jets. Empire Aviation Group is delighted to be the launch customer and the first to adopt the Vigiplane system in the Middle East.” Mr Ronald Kaufmann, CEO of Dubai-based Alpha Global Industries, exclusive agent Vigiplane in the Middle East and Africa, added, “This unique system does not require Civil Aviation Certification or Approval, as it is installed on the aircraft as loose equipment, and can be carried in the aircraft baggage compartment, and can be installed anywhere and fits any aircraft, a light to Heavy Business Jet or an Airliner.”