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The Route to Becoming an Aircraft Owner from Chartering Flights

The Route to Becoming an Aircraft Owner from Chartering Flights

The first step of becoming an aircraft owner always starts from chartering a private jet. Because only when you get to enjoy the luxuries of flying private, you understand the need to own one.

After all, the luxuries and perks it offers can certainly not be denied. There’s no waiting in long queues for luggage clearance and other such hassles. Furthermore, in-flight entertainment options make it a much more pleasant experience. However, it’s not always a practical option to buy an aircraft. Not only does it come with a huge price tag, but its upkeep and maintenance can also be a hassle as well.

To put it in simple words, buying a private jet is not like getting a new luxury car. The former comes with a very easy process. And the same is the case for charter flights. However, when it comes to acquiring a private jet, the process can become quite complicated. There’s a lot to consider and take into account before you could take a look at private jets for sale.

Travel Patterns

It’s imperative that you consider travel patterns when you plan to buy a private jet. If you travel once in a while, taking charter flights may prove to be a better idea. However, in case you’re a frequent traveller, owning an aircraft makes much more sense. Business jets are also suitable for companies that have high authority personnel who travel frequently.

As per industry experts, if you fly more than 200 hours a year, you can consider owning a private jet. Having said that, if you don’t use your aircraft that often, there’s still a way to reduce the landing cost, and in fact, earn money through it. You can do so by offering aircraft charter services.

Budget Requirements

It’s already established above that private jets are quite expensive. These are considered luxury items that only a fraction of the world’s population can afford. Therefore, take into account your budget and financial conditions. Also, do a thorough cost analysis to know if buying an aircraft will prove to be beneficial for you in the long run or not.

Selecting the Make and Model

An important part of buying an aircraft is deciding its make and model. This may not hold as much importance when for charter flights but it certainly is a major factor to consider when buying one.

Once you have decided to buy an aircraft, you will be presented with a range of jet types and models. You can find them in Empire Aviation’s fleet. They differ in terms of size, seating capacity, in-flight features, amenities, storage capacity, fuel efficiency and various other features.

The selection of the right aircraft depends on various factors, including but not limited to:

The Purpose of Buying

It’s important to determine the purpose of buying an aircraft. Is it for luxury flying experience, a requirement for frequent travelling or anything else? For example, if the aircraft is purchased to be used by a large-scale organisation’s chairperson or senior executives, bigger jets should be preferred. Apart from giving an exclusive flying experience with modern amenities, these jets have enough room to accommodate meetings as well. Similarly, if you need a jet for short or domestic flights, a smaller jet will suffice.

However, if the travel requirements are not consistent, charter flights make for a better choice.

Value for Money

Make a point to know what you can afford before you start looking for private jets for sale. The ideal approach will be to look for jets that fall within your budget range and offer value for money. Needless to say, bigger jets with exceptional facilities cost high as compared to smaller ones.

Features Included

Different jets come with a different set of features. The availability of state-of-the-art features impacts the price of the private jet as well. Therefore, make a list of features you require in your private jet and select a model that offers them.

Apart from the aforementioned, there are numerous other features that one has to consider when buying a business jet. This can easily overwhelm buyers. And since there’s huge money involved, making a wrong decision can cost you a lot. However, by hiring a professional aircraft management company, you can rest assured that you will get the best aircraft that completely suits your requirements.

Type of Destination

Not every aircraft can take you to any destination you require. Some destinations, particularly the ones with challenging climatic conditions or high altitude airfields require specific types of aircraft only. Similarly, destinations having short runways also cannot accommodate large business jets. 

Pre-Purchase Inspection

This is an important step to take, irrespective of the fact you’re buying a new or used private jet. A thorough pre-purchase inspection will help you know if there are any prevalent issues with the jet that can jeopardise your flying experience or lead to safety concerns. It’s recommended to hire professionals to conduct a pre-purchase inspection. You can contact reliable private jet inspection service providers for this.

Maintenance and Overhauling

Most people who charter flights don’t know about this aspect of owning an aircraft. The maintenance of an aircraft is very different from that of a car or even a boat. You simply can’t do it on your own. You would need to hire professional services for proper maintenance and overhauling of the jet. This is an additional cost that you need to take into account when setting your budget for buying an aircraft.

Charter Flights or Aircraft Ownership – The Final Verdict

The perks of buying an aircraft certainly outweigh those of charter flights. So, if you’re a frequent traveller and want to enjoy the luxuries of private flying, buying an aircraft can prove to be the right choice.

If you have decided to buy one, check out the exclusive collection of private jets available at Empire Aviation. We also offer aircraft management and aircraft charter services.

Meta Title: From Charter Flights to Owning an Aircraft

Meta Title: Charter flights are considered the first step towards becoming an aircraft owner. Find out to know if you should buy a private aircraft or not.