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4 Reasons Why Private Jet Buyers Prefer Gulfstream

4 Reasons Why Private Jet Buyers Prefer Gulfstream

Flying Private – Not Just a Trend

Flying private has become more of a necessity for many than a mere trend. It opens up a new way of thinking about travel as an independent and flexible way of accessing places that no other form of travel can reach. A private jet – even some larger aircraft – can reach many of the smaller local and regional airports that commercial carriers cannot serve. And for multiple stopovers, aircraft charter offers the ultimate flexibility of flying to your own schedule and itinerary. This is one of the many reasons people are now opting for aircraft charter services. As a matter of fact, there has been a notable increase in the demand for private jets since it allows owners to take a flight at any time, and to any destination giving the end-user complete freedom, convenience and flexibility

 Gulfstream Aerospace – Leading the Aviation Industry

When it comes to owning or chartering a jet, the primary concern is which aircraft to choose. The options are abundant, but if you’re seeking quality over everything else, there’s no better option than Gulfstream, the world’s leading manufacturer of technologically advanced business-jet aircraft. Synonymous with luxury and quality, Gulfstream Aerospace has produced more than 2,000 aircraft and is the world’s most recognisable private jet aircraft manufacturer.

Let’s take a look at some exceptional features of Gulfstream jets that contribute to their unrivalled popularity:

  1. Range of Jets to Suit Everyone’s Need

The ‘Ferrari of the private aircraft world’, Gulfstream has a range of jets that caters to everyone’s needs. Whether you are travelling abroad with your family for a vacation or need to make travel arrangements for your business delegates, Gulfstream has you covered.

It has surged ahead of the competition by launching various jets over the years. These jets vary in terms of size, capacity, design, and other features. Among them, Gulfstream G550 and G650 soar high in popularity and demand.

With an interior height of 1.9 metres, Gulfstream G550 can seat up to 14 passengers, while the sleeping capacity is 8 passengers. It can fly at a maximum speed of 652mph. The luggage capacity is set at 226cu.ft. and it comes with an exclusive in-flight entertainment system. It was the company’s flagship model when it entered the service in 2003. However, Gulfstream G650 occupied this position in 2012.

The G650 variant is a relatively smaller version as it has a seating and sleeping capacity of 13 and 6 passengers, respectively. However, it surpasses the former when it comes to maximum speed, as it can fly at the pace of 690mph. The seating capacity is 195cu.ft. It also comes with an in-flight entertainment system to keep the passengers engaged during the journey.

Both these Gulfstream models are available at Empire Aviation for charter flights.

  1. Unparalleled Luxury

Speaking of luxury, Gulfstream enjoys an unrivalled position in this regard. These jets are designed to offer a lavish experience to passengers. Fitted with spacious interiors and state-of-the-art amenities, Gulfstream jets have everything you need to have an ultra-luxury experience full of comfort and convenience.

  1. A Brand to Reckon With

With some of the most iconic private jets in its product line, Gulfstream has become a brand to reckon with in the aviation industry. Many A-listers all over the world own Gulfstream jets, which further adds to its credibility and iconic status. They prefer this brand because of its distinctive style, lavish interiors, and state of the art onboard technology.

Its success can be judged from the fact that it became the most prominent business jet manufacturer in the world based on revenue in 2014. Since then, it has been categorised among the leading global aerospace manufacturers.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, there are private jets known for providing a luxurious experience, and then there are Gulfstream jets. They remain highly desirable among those who fly private and seek an experience that not only meets but surpasses their expectations.