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Empty Leg Flights – A Cost-effective Way to Travel by Private Jet

Empty Leg Flights – A Cost-effective Way to Travel by Private Jet

Recent years have seen rapid growth in the aviation industry, particularly in the private and business sectors. While the ever-increasing demand for efficiency and time are the major contributors, the enhanced flexibility, luxury, and convenience associated with flying private also play a major role in the rising demand for private jet charter services.

You get to enjoy enhanced exclusivity, comfort, privacy, and many other abundant benefits. But did you know that you can enjoy all these perks without paying the premium price?

You can do this by booking empty leg flights. Let’s find out more about empty leg flights and how you can book them at competitive rates:

What are Empty Leg Flights?

Empty Leg is a widely used term which refers to flights that do not carry cargo or passengers. Also called a one-way flight, it is basically an ‘empty’ flight that’s returning to its destination of origin. Charter flights frequently have to return empty after dropping off passengers at their chartered destinations.

Private jet operators market empty leg flights at discounted rates, allowing charter customers to enjoy the luxuries of private travel in a cost-effective way.

How does The Empty Leg Flight Experience Differ from Routine Charter Flights?

In many ways, empty leg flights work the same way as routine charter flights. For example, you won’t have to wait for hours at the airport or stand in long queues for luggage clearance. Reaching the terminal minutes before the flight will suffice. However, bear in mind that empty legs follow a strict schedule. So, a prolonged delay in getting to the terminal in time may mean missing out on your private flight experience.

What to Know Before Booking an Empty Leg Flight?

Flight Routes

Empty leg flight routes are fixed and don’t offer any flexibility. This means you can only travel to the destination that the private jet is designated to fly to.

No Guarantee

One of the biggest concerns associated with empty leg flights is that they are not guaranteed, and this means that your flight can get cancelled at any time, even after you have confirmed the booking. You have to take the risk if you want to enjoy the exclusive private jet experience.

It is, however, recommended to have a backup option so that your travel plans do not get disturbed if the empty leg flight is cancelled. Also, remember that most companies do not allow passengers to cancel the flight once they have booked.

Late Announcements

Unlike conventional charter flights, empty leg flights cannot be booked well in advance, and you can only do so when they are announced by the aviation company, which is usually not so long before the flight has to take off. Therefore, there’s little time to prepare for your journey.

Empty Leg Flight Prices

The price of an empty leg flight varies depending on the aircraft type, route, and other factors. Generally, you can bag quite a substantial discount.

Even if the discount offered is on the lower side, you can save significant money when travelling with your family or group of friends. The quoted prices typically include all the overhead charges, including landing fees and fuel.

Wrapping Up – Are Empty Leg Flights Worth it?

Despite little concerns about the rigid schedule and lack of flexibility, the cost-saving benefits of booking an empty leg flight are undoubtedly worth it.