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How Empire Aviation Enhances the Personalised Private Jet Travel Experience?

How Empire Aviation Enhances the Personalised Private Jet Travel Experience?

A private jet offers the ultimate luxury travel experience, and Empire Aviation makes private aviation an even more personalised experience for aircraft owners and charter clients.

Since launching in Dubai in 2007, our award-winning team has developed a global private aviation business integrating a comprehensive range of services based on a distinctive asset management approach and personalised service, ensuring aircraft owners and charter clients enjoy all the privacy, safety, comfort, and convenience of private aviation.

A Bespoke Experience

In the quest to perfect the art of private aviation, Empire Aviation goes one step ahead and provides a bespoke experience of flying a private jet to every client. We understand every client is different, and so are their requirements and demands. Thus, we believe in walking the extra mile to ensure all their demands are catered to and the overall experience exceeds their expectations.

At Empire Aviation, we make the process of chartering a private jet extremely hassle-free. All you have to do is to provide us with the required details, and we will make sure you reach your destination in a jet that caters to your requirements.

Services Beyond the Boundaries of the UAE

The company operates in the key regions for private aviation, covering the USA, Europe, India, Africa and the Far East, in addition to the Middle East. The Empire Aviation team comprises 120 aviation specialists across the globe, with a branch office in San Marino, a brand partner EAMSPL in India and aircraft sales representatives based in the US.

In fact, Empire Aviation provides all the major services associated with private aviation – aircraft management, flight operations and charter, as well as aircraft sales – and it’s the integration of these services and the expertise and experience of the team that enables Empire Aviation to provide a high degree of personalised services.

Aircraft Management Services

The company also manages private jets on behalf of owners. Empire Aviation’s asset management approach means that each aircraft owner has a unique business model and set of services.

Several of the managed private jets on the fleet are available to the charter market and comprise aircraft of different types and cabin configurations, offering a wide choice to meet all types of charter missions.

As a charter broker, Empire Aviation can also arrange aircraft charters anywhere in the world for business or leisure, combining end-to-end luxury and privacy on the ground and at the destination.

Sell Your Private Jet with Empire Aviation

Apart from offering jet chartering and aircraft management services, we also assist our clients with selling private jets. We understand that it can be a complex process when it comes to selling a jet as it entails numerous steps. However, utilising our experience of over 15 years in the industry, coupled with the expertise of our aircraft experts, we will help to sell your aircraft in an easy way and at a fair price.

Luxury Partner Programme

The company’s Luxury Partner Programme combines the unique benefits of private jet travel with award-winning travel partners, including the super-premium resorts of the Indian Ocean and Thailand – favourites among private jet charter clients – Soneva, Lily Hotels’ Hideaway Beach Maldives, Private Plan, and Raffles Seychelles. Your chartered business jet will take you there and stop over for as long as you need it.

A private jet can take you as far as you can imagine with style, safety and comfort – and with all the luxury you would expect. And with Empire’s profound services, the entire journey will become even more pleasant for you. Give us a try if you want to book a charter flight or are looking for aircraft management services.