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Why Private Aircraft Charter is the Way to Go This Summer?

Why Private Aircraft Charter is the Way to Go This Summer?

Chartering with Empire Aviation opens up a world of possibilities

When you consider your travel and vacation options for the summer season ahead, you may naturally think about where commercial airlines fly and the destination airports they serve.

If it is an itinerary with multiple stops, then it may even involve more than one carrier and so increase the complexities of switching airlines, airports and managing and tracking baggage and other valuable items (such as golf clubs). This can be challenging enough in normal times, with the inevitable queues when transiting customs and security. But today, in these unprecedented times, it can remove all the anticipation and pleasure of travel.

Why Private Aircraft Charter is the Best Option?


Boarding a private aircraft charter opens up a new way of thinking about travel as an independent and flexible option for accessing places that no other form of travel can reach. A business jet – even some larger aircraft – can reach many of the smaller local and regional airports that commercial carriers cannot serve. And for multiple stopovers, aircraft charter offers the ultimate flexibility of flying to your own schedule and itinerary.


For those who enjoy the mountains or the coast, a charter jet can get you into some of the highest and most exclusive resorts in the Alps, such as Gstaad, and could stop in Cannes on the way for a touch of Rivera sunshine.

If city life is more appealing – with the business opportunities, sights, culture and shopping – then London City Airport (LCY) is the central gateway to the UK capital, close to the heart of the city. Even some of the larger business jets have the performance ability to land you within 11 miles of the West End. Africa boasts some of the most exhilarating travel experiences in the world, and of course, the safari is an established and unique experience that draws people from all over the world.

Travelling by private jet provides an unrivalled opportunity to explore Africa’s most prized destinations in sublime exclusivity. There are many other destinations you can visit on a private jet.

An Opportunity to Have a Memorable Trip

You can combine fantastic beaches and safari experiences into a single memorable trip into southern Africa, or even with the luxury island resorts of the Indian Ocean – some of which have their own landing strips. The choice is yours, and a private aircraft charter can put it all within easy and convenient reach, with all the benefits of privacy, flexibility and safety.

The Provision of Privacy

Another considerable perk of a private aircraft charter is the provision of excessive privacy. The exclusive confidentiality bears no crying toddlers, conversation chattering, and no passengers eavesdropping on your discreet meetings. And for that reason, charter planes are best suited to business persons who’re allowed to hold confidential meetings during flights and work without interruptions.

The Unbeatable Luxury

Regardless of an incredible air-conditioning system in summers, there’s nothing more annoying than a congested passenger snoring loudly beside you. Yet, the travel experience with a private aircraft charter is as pleasing as its luxurious. Once you settle on one of the couches, you wouldn’t even need a bed for deep slumber. Not to mention, there’s an availability of a furnished bedroom and opulent restroom that you can’t stop drooling over.

Social Distancing is Still a Norm

Summer has always been hard to deal with, the sweaty outfits, irritating bees, yelling crowd and whatnot. And for that reason, avoiding crowds seems like the cherry on the top of the cake. Also, travelling with family is a risky affair since the rainy days of the pandemic are still there. Although airline activities have been resumed, the bumping knees and elbows don’t fit like social distance.

When you choose a private aircraft charter, you won’t have to face any of these issues.

Wrap Up

While individuals all over the globe have spent over a year adjusting to virtual voyages of their dream destinations, it’s now time to step their foot outside and make up for the lost time. Summer 2022 is tied in proceeding with the world’s best holiday sites. In this way, when you finally choose to get a vacation with your family, you want to appreciate it to the fullest. What’s more, a private aircraft charter obediently adheres to this desire.

Contact Empire Aviation for a hassle-free charter flight experience and travel conveniently to your destination.