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How to Manage a Mixed Fleet of Business Jets?

How to Manage a Mixed Fleet of Business Jets?

Empire Aviation is trusted to manage one of the region’s largest fleets of business jets.

We manage one of the region’s largest fleets and a dynamic fleet of business jets from various manufacturers on behalf of aircraft owners. When it comes to managing maintenance (MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul), the complexity of supporting a mixed fleet across multiple operating bases becomes apparent.

What Makes Us the Best Choice for Managing a Mixed Fleet of Business Jets?

Approved Facilities for MRO Support

One of the major challenges is the ready availability of approved facilities to provide MRO support to owners in all locations where aircraft are based.

In response, Empire Aviation works hard to identify and validate that all the MRO service providers we work with are appropriately certified and that all personnel are professionally licensed for each type of aircraft on which we work. With Empire Aviation’s CAMO-only programme of work, the company is responsible for ensuring the provision of qualified and professional staff working as part of the company’s internal team.

As different types of aircraft join our managed fleet, the team contracts with approved facilities to undertake the maintenance of the new aircraft under the management of Empire Aviation. Of course, our aircraft management team must also ensure that all the internal CAMO personnel are available, along with the pilots and crew, and that the operations team is fully familiarised with the new aircraft type.

MRO Infrastructure

With a growing and increasingly mixed fleet of business jets under management, one of the major challenges is to put in place all the appropriate MRO infrastructure for each aircraft at the local operating base. We work with our partners and approved facilities to ensure the aircraft is maintained in excellent condition.

General Maintenance

Scheduling and managing general maintenance across the fleet is also a challenge, and we try to minimise downtime and any potential disruption to their travel schedules. On average, each aircraft will need three to four weeks of maintenance each year.

The team tries to work around owners’ schedules, but if there is a need, we can call upon our managed fleet and provide interim lift to owners from other aircraft on the fleet. The Empire Aviation maintenance team will always arrange aircraft service at the best facilities available and closest to the aircraft base, depending on the required type and volume of work.

CAMO Services

For Empire Aviation’s CAMO-only clients, the team offers the same service benefits that we provide to our managed aircraft owners, including MRO as part of the one-stop service. Every member of our CAMO team understands the importance of aircraft worthiness for the safe operation of the jet and its long-term value. They are professionally trained and have the required expertise and experience, which they optimally utilise to ensure aircraft worthiness is maintained.

In a Nutshell

Known for its award-winning services, Empire Aviation is a trusted name for aircraft management services. We have years of experience in effectively managing a mixed fleet of business jets of all sizes and types. We also specialize in aircraft selling, buying, and charter services. So, if you have an aircraft that you want to sell or manage, contact us now.