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Why Empire’s Captain Gregoire Marchand Rates the Bombardier Global 6000 So High?

Why Empire’s Captain Gregoire Marchand Rates the Bombardier Global 6000 So High?

The Bombardier Global 6000, part of Empire Aviation’s extensive fleet, has excellent long-haul capabilities, with a flight range of 6,000nm (nautical miles). It comfortably accommodates up to 13 in plush seating, has a well-equipped galley, and three cabin zones.

For onboard entertainment, the aircraft is fitted with the latest technology, which includes WI-FI connectivity. The Ka-band (the fastest in-flight internet connectivity worldwide) will ensure that wherever you travel, you can always stay connected.

Let’s delve deeper and find out some of its exciting features and specifications in detail:

Additional Space

The maximum seating capacity of Bombardier Global 6000 is 13 passengers.  However, an exciting feature that sets it apart from other private jets is the additional space it comes with. The interiors of this aircraft are designed in such a way that all the space is useful during flights. And this includes the baggage bay as well.

This additional space can serve many purposes. For instance, it can be utilized for mission equipment, accessing an air operable door, or transporting crew belongings.

Enhanced Reach

It’s a record-setting aircraft that comes with an extended reach. Bombardier Global 6000 has the capability to take off from Aspen and land at the London City Airport while ensuring an optimal flying experience for the passengers. Suffice it to say, it offers an undisputable combination of ride quality, range, speed, and field performance.

A Reliable Aircraft with Longest Maintenance Intervals

Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring the optimal condition of an aircraft. Failing to do so results in an array of issues that impact its performance. Therefore, aircraft owners and managers have to spend a huge amount of time and money on their maintenance.

With Bombardier Global 6000, this isn’t much of an issue since it has the longest maintenance internals. This means you won’t have to consult an aircraft maintenance company every now and then. It’s one of those private jets that have cultivated a reputation for offering a reliable experience.

An Effortless Flight

The Global 6000 boasts a revolutionary Bombardier Vision flight deck. It features the most advanced avionics suite for pilots, providing them with enhanced comfort, control, and convenience.

Moreover, the jet has a unique combination of advanced features, such as MuliScan Weather radar, synthetic vision system, etc. This, coupled with an appealing and comfortable cockpit design, contributes to making sure the pilot has an overall effortless flying experience.

How does Captain Greogoire Marchand Rates Bombardier Global 6000?

Captain Gregoire Marchand, a pilot at Empire Aviation, has been piloting the Global 6000 since 2018, operating a mix of business and leisure charter flights all over the world.

Captain Gregoire rates the 6000 as one of the best aircraft in its class, both from the crew point of view and especially from the cockpit thanks to its advanced avionics and technology. The very large and comfortable cockpit makes the 6000 very pilot-friendly, but passengers are equally appreciative of the aircraft’s smooth cruising comfort, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections for music or video entertainment, and high-speed internet, all in the spacious and quiet cabin.

Teamwork – The Key to Delivering the Best Passenger Experience

Captain Gregoire stresses the importance of teamwork for the crew of the 6000 (Captain, Co-Pilot, and Flight Attendant) in delivering the passenger experience on every mission. For the Flight Attendant, the Bombardier Global 6000 provides a good workspace, with a large and well-equipped galley in addition to a comfortable rest area and washroom for the entire team.

Together, the highly experienced crew coordinates with Empire’s ground services and flight operations teams for all the passenger, crew, and aircraft arrangements – transport, hotels, catering, fuel, aircraft cleaning, and loading of all luggage for passengers.

The priority is to orchestrate all the elements to ensure they fall into place with precision and run very smoothly – like a “Swiss clock”, according to Captain Gregoire.