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What Makes Bombardier Global 6000 Highly Popular?

What Makes Bombardier Global 6000 Highly Popular?

Flying in a private jet is a dream for many, providing the end user with so many additional benefits compared to commercial travel. For example, eliminating waiting in endless queues, security check issues, and other hassles makes it much more appealing. There is also the security, flexibility, and privacy of travelling in your own luxurious, comfortable private jet.


Among the most sought-after private jets in the world, the name Bombardier Global 6000 stands tall and is a popular choice among aircraft charter passengers.


Bombardier Global 6000 – The World’s Longest Jet 

If you want to experience comfort and extravagance together while flying privately, Bombardier Global 6000 occupies the stage. With a built-in entertainment system, spacious seats, and larger cabins, it’s perfect for every taste and preference.


A highly popular business jet by Bombardier, the Global 6000 jet delightfully blends with all the aspects of an ideal plane performance. With a leading combination of speed, range, and reliability, you’ll arrive at your desired destination with time to spare. 


High-quality Interior 

Bombardier Global 6000 arrives with an attractive interior design explicitly done for the one that bought the jet. With an interior height of 1.88m, passengers get a lot of room to stretch themselves comfortably during the trip. While you don’t have the option to customise the interiors, the existing cabin layouts provide an exclusive travelling experience. 


The spacious seating also makes it suitable for business personnel to conduct official meetings along the route. For in-flight entertainment, the aircraft features Jet ConneX technology for Wi-Fi. So regardless of where you’re flying, you can always stay in touch with the outer world. 


Durability, Range, And Maximum Passengers

With a flight range of 6,000nm (nautical miles) and luggage capacity of 195 cu. Ft., the aeroplane can easily accommodate up to 17 passengers, including the pilot, co-pilot, and flight attendant. Challenging airfields don’t pose a threat to Global 6000 since the jet is capable of flying with its extraordinary wings.


The dynamic wings of the Bombardier Global 6000 make departing and landing an easy feat, even in the harshest weather conditions. In addition, the extensive flight time is almost 17 hours, which you would rarely find anywhere else. That makes the exteriors of the plane competent for special military operations and medical emergencies.


Amenities in Global 6000  

Perhaps the most significant reason that draws travellers to private jets is the VIP service and hospitality. So, if you’re seeking privacy, convenience, and extravagance at once, Bombardier Global 6000 is your go-to jet. Besides a built-in kitchen and entertainment system, there are flight attendants who will be at your beck and call throughout the journey.


The Bombardier Global 6000 features a classic cockpit that makes flying around the globe a smooth process and ultimately provides a safer and more secure travel experience for the passengers.


Provision of Security with Exclusive Luxuries  

Since Bombardier Global 6000 owns business aviation’s most advanced components, it provides an unforgettable flying experience to the end-users. The unique composition of the synthetic vision system, along with multi-scan weather radar, notifies the pilot about the weather situation en route. This way, the industry’s leading flight deck diminishes pilot workload for a safer and more efficient experience.


Summing Up 

Private jets are famous for providing an ultra-luxurious experience that commercial flights can’t match. That said, Bombardier Global 6000 is here to excel your expectations.


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