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Setting the Benchmark for VIP In-flight Catering

Setting the Benchmark for VIP In-flight Catering

How Private Flight Helps Empire Aviation Set Catering Standards?

There are numerous factors that impact the experience of taking a flight in a private jet. Among them, in-flight catering holds vital importance. Of course, other aspects matter, but it’s the quality of the food, menu options, and the taste that can make or break the entire experience.

Understanding the importance of in-flight catering, Empire Aviation walks the extra mile to ensure our clients have the best experience. And for this, we have partnered with ‘Private Flight’, a company that has set the global benchmark for VIP in-flight catering. Their global online service tool delivers catering-related procurement and logistical support for some of the world’s most renowned private aircraft owners and operators.

Private Flight – A Name to Rely on for World-class Catering

Private Flight is one of the world’s largest buyers of catering for the private aviation industry, representing some of the world’s largest fleets.

The company oversees a supply chain that offers a selection of over 1900 catering providers spanning 174 countries.

As an industry pioneer, Private Flight has helped to change the traditional procurement model, making it more efficient, transparent, and exceptionally consistent. In short, the company has created a new model for private airline meals.

Empire Aviation’s Partnership with Private Flight

Empire has specifically worked with Private Flight to create a variety of structured ‘favourite menus’ for each of the five eating categories throughout the day; breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, gourmet snacks, and sandwiches. A range of ethnic and religious menu options and à la carte can be easily accommodated. Each menu can be adapted for specific passenger preferences, including likes, dislikes, allergies, dietary restrictions, or even favourite recipes.

The Private Flight team constantly monitors global developments in cuisine and catering to maintain the benchmarks. This means our valuable clients get the VIP experience they deserve.

Private Flight complements every aspect of Empire Aviation catering through its team’s knowledge of food and beverage, understanding of hospitality, and experience in maintaining quality control requirements with providers throughout the world. Private Flight supports Empire flight attendants 24/7 and in multiple languages.

Customised Services

The service goes even further and gets more personal; passenger profiling means that Empire can develop and maintain a library of menus specific to each client or owner, and a menu archive ensures that all clients’ preferred menus are accessible with the click of a button.

Everything is carefully planned and managed so that the onboard cuisine becomes a positive culinary experience for the guest and a highlight of the Empire flight, along with our first class ‘Silver Service’.

By joining hands with Private Flight, Empire Aviation aims to deliver outstanding services to its clients. This, coupled with other exceptional features of our services, can make their journey extremely comfortable and lavish. So, if you are planning to book an aircraft charter, contact Empire Aviation. Our team will understand your travel requirements and other details and tailor a journey that suits you perfectly.