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Five Considerations When Buying A Private Jet

Five Considerations When Buying A Private Jet

Once you have chartered a private jet, there’s no looking back. It’s highly unlikely you will enjoy travelling with a commercial airline, even if it comes with all the perks.

So, what’s the next step here? Of course, owning a private jet, provided you’re a frequent traveller. In an ideal case scenario, if you fly somewhere between 150-200 hours per year, you can consider owning a private jet.

What to Consider When Buying a Private Jet?

When it comes to owning a private jet, the process isn’t exactly easy. However, experts at Empire Aviation have compiled a list of five important considerations that can make it seamless for you. Continue reading!

1.      New or Pre-own Private Jet

Both these options come with sets of pros and cons.

To make things a little simple for you, new jets are expensive, fuel efficient, require minimum maintenance, can be customised, and provide you with the liberty to choose from a diverse range of business jets, including the latest models.

On the other hand, if you choose pre-owned jets, you can get them at comparatively low rates, and their delivery doesn’t take a long time. But you may encounter frequent maintenance-related issues.

So, evaluate the pros and cons of both new and pre-owned private jets thoroughly and then make an informed decision.

2.      Pay Attention to Financing and Budgeting

It goes without saying that private jets are costly. So, you must manage and sort your finances properly. If you are buying it on a lease, make sure to involve an experienced private jet broker in the process. Also, the lease documents must be thoroughly read and evaluated.

When setting your budget for the private jet, do not forget to include maintenance and overhauling costs, particularly if it’s a pre-owned jet. Even in the case of a new jet, you need to account for additional costs, including acquisition cost, broker’s commission, etc.

3.      Fly Before You Buy

Make sure that you fly at least once before you buy a private jet, particularly if it’s pre-owned. It’s as important as testing a car before buying it.

While you are flying the jet, check out its systems and equipment. It’s advised to hire an aircraft expert for a better understanding of the vessel.

4.      Customisation

Want to change the layout or Increase the aircraft cabin space? It’s all possible when you buy a private jet. However, you must know that this facility is available with new jets only.

So, if you’re fond of customising things according to your taste and liking, you can’t miss this perk of owning a private jet.

5.      Don’t Forget Aircraft Inspection

This is one of the most crucial parts of the process of buying a private jet. The aircraft may look perfect to you, but there may be certain issues that may not be apparent, even if you charter a plane regularly.

This is why you should hire professional aircraft inspectors. They will check and inspect every part of the vessel and prepare a detailed inspection report for you.

Summing it up, the process of owning a private jet can become quite hassle-free if you take into account the aforementioned factors. And once you have become a proud owner of a private jet, don’t forget to get CAMO services. This will ensure that the aircraft worthiness is maintained. 

You can contact Empire Aviation for aircraft management or CAMO services.

Happy flying!