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Empire Aviation Group Adds First Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) to its Charter Fleet

Empire Aviation Group Adds First Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) to its Charter Fleet

Empire Aviation is delighted to unveil the latest addition to our charter fleet – a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). This ultra-long-range aircraft is configured to accommodate 18 passengers and four crew members, specifically designed to cater to an array of operations.

Let’s delve deeper and take a look at some of the amazing features that make it a preferred choice of many:

Outstanding Features of Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)

The supremacy of the Boeing business jet (BBJ) isn’t only confined to its luxury and convenience, but there’s so much more. Let’s peek a glance at some of its outstanding  features:

Elite Travel Experience

Due to the several amenities for passenger comfort and convenience, BBJ offers an elite travel experience to all types of travelers, including high-level executives, VIPs, celebrities, and heads of state. It features a spacious cabin that spans a length of 79 feet, a height of seven feet, and a width of almost 12 feet, making it an ultra-large-cabin aircraft.

Spacious Layout

The interior design, custom-made by renowned Paris-based designer Alberto Pinto, is divided into four main areas: boardroom, lounge, VIP ensuite bedroom, and business office.

Additionally, there are two restrooms, one of which features a shower. The BBJ’s spacious interior provides ample room for passengers to move around, relax and work, making it the ultimate private jet for long trips.

Long-range Flying Ability

With the BBJ’s capability of flying up to 12 hours non-stop, covering distances of up to 6200 nm at speeds of up to 541 mph, it will open new possibilities for passengers wanting more onboard options for long-haul trips.

Why Choose Empire Aviation to Charter Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)?

Empire Aviation has been providing exceptional business aviation services for over 15 years, with a mission to increase both corporate and leisure travel via private jets. The company has aircraft based across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa from most leading aircraft manufacturers.

Adding the BBJ to our managed charter fleet takes our services to a new level, providing passengers with a luxurious and comfortable way to travel across long distances.

So, if you’re looking for a business jet that offers a flawless combination of comfort, luxury, and style, book Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) with Empire Aviation. With an easy and straightforward booking process, you will have it at your disposal quite conveniently.