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How Empire Aviation Can Simplify Aircraft Management for Owners?

How Empire Aviation Can Simplify Aircraft Management for Owners?

A prominent name in the Middle East’s aviation industry, Empire Aviation Group integrates a comprehensive range of services within its aircraft management offer. These services are based on a distinctive asset management approach in which each aircraft owner has a unique ownership business model and a range of personalised aviation services and 5-star customer service.

Aircraft Management for Owners – What Does It Entail?

Comprehensive Private Jet Management

Empire Aviation can acquire, manage, and operate private jets on behalf of owners. This takes out the hassle that is associated with owning a private jet, which includes managing the jet, putting it up for charter, and other such aspects.

Our team provides all the major services associated with private aviation, including aircraft management for owners, flight operations, and charter, as well as aircraft sales and CAMO.

In addition, several of the managed private jets on the fleet are also available to the charter market (as part of the ownership model) and comprise aircraft of different types and cabin configurations to meet different needs.

Continuous Scaling

Empire Aviation Group makes efforts to continuously scale the model globally to grow private aviation services worldwide. We ensure aircraft owners enjoy all the benefits of private aviation, including privacy, safety, comfort, and convenience while working with a trusted aviation expert advisor and partner operating transparently.

High Degree of Personal Trust

Our award-winning aircraft management service is built on close working relationships with owners, developing a high degree of personalised business aviation solutions. 

The entire Empire Aviation team of 120 specialists is dedicated to supporting aircraft owners as the managed fleet continues to grow and new services are added to enhance the aircraft ownership experience.

International Presence

Empire Aviation’s aircraft management operations extend across key regions for private aviation (Middle East, USA, Europe, India, Africa, and Far East) providing owners with options on where to base their aircraft, with a choice of aircraft registries.

Bespoke Services

It’s the integration of our comprehensive services and the expertise and experience of the team that enables Empire Aviation to provide a high degree of bespoke services. The team looks after every operational and maintenance detail of the aircraft, including the negotiation of all contract services with suppliers and tracking all costs to deliver the best value to owners, with open books at all times.

Proven Experience

Empire Aviation has managed a range of aircraft including business jets from the leading aircraft manufacturers. The company recently added a Boeing Business Jet, which it manages and operates from its base in Dubai.

In all, aircraft management for owners includes hiring pilots and crew, giving owners a high degree of comfort and familiarity. Access to the airplane is vital and the Empire Aviation team can mobilise an owner’s aircraft within three hours’ notice and meet specific requests, from cabin to ground services.