Aircraft Management

Management services for owners

Our aircraft management services ensure owners enjoy all the benefits of private aviation while protecting and maintaining the value of the asset during the years of ownership.

Aircraft generally maintain their original purchase price thanks to professional aircraft management. The value of a pre-owned aircraft is determined by the quality of the record-keeping and the maintenance history, which should comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations. As professional private aircraft managers and operators, we offer owners a personalised business plan and a set of services. In addition, our charter services can help provide a return on investment and a useful contribution to aircraft management costs for owners.


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Critically, our aircraft management team is responsible for the aircraft’s quality management and maintenance and schedules, both routine and unscheduled. This is the essence of protecting the value of the asset. The team also manages all aspects related to the administration, finance, operations and charter of the aircraft, leaving owners free to relax and enjoy all the benefits of private aviation.