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Management services for owners

Aircraft Management Solutions by Empire Aviation

Our aircraft management services ensure owners enjoy all the benefits of private aviation while protecting and maintaining the asset’s value during the years of ownership.

aircraft management

Empire Aviation provides personalised aircraft management programs to suit any owners needs

Empire Aviation has been managing aircraft on behalf of owners since 2007, inducting over 70 aircraft into the managed fleet. We operate an extensive fleet of business jets in various locations across the globe. The entire team is dedicated to supporting aircraft owners with a highly personalised level of service and a unique asset management approach. 

Our successful and award-winning aircraft owner-manager service is based on close personal working relationships with owners to develop a high degree of personal trust, openness, and transparency. We build this trust and manage expectations by looking after every operational and maintenance detail of their aircraft, from nose to tail. Including negotiating all contract services with supplier companies and tracking all costs to ensure our owners are constantly receiving the best deals with open books.

Charter Managed Solution

Our asset management approach means that each managed aircraft owner has a unique business model and a set of highly personalised services. The Empire Aviation team integrates all the primary functions of private aviation ownership and operations, including flight operations, CAMO, aircraft sales and charter. Our charter management services allow owners to generate revenue by placing their aircraft on the charter market, helping to offset associated costs with aircraft ownership. 

The integration of these comprehensive services, managed by the team’s expertise, makes this level of tailored service possible.

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